Welcome 2021 (Update)

Hello Jumpers

About ten months ago a Coronavirus officially named Covid-19 affected Funstuf Party Place, and like all of Massachusetts, most of the country and a large portion of the world we went into quarantine/lockdown/shutdown. And fortunately (for us) some businesses were allowed to remain open and service our needs (thank you essential workers) while others have been allowed to reopen under strict guidelines. Unfortunately such is not the case for FunStuf Party Place. Permission was granted for “indoor recreation” to reopen in early October, only to be closed by state mandate five weeks later. Our reopening was short-lived.

So what is happening at Funstuf Party Place?

Our Funcade is progressing, albeit at “Slowski the Turtle” pace. The buildout of the Funcade game area is completely finished. Our game supplier – Betson Imperial - has delivered many of our games, more are on their way. Tokens and tickets have arrived. Our redemption display area is here, set up and awaiting its prizes. About all that’s left is for Funstuf Party Place/Funcade to be able to reopen.

To answer that infamous kid question “are we there yet?” but changed to “are we open yet?” we must answer no. With Governor Bakers state mandate to be closed, the virus still spreading, and (rightfully so) peoples anxiety about visiting an indoor facility with people they do not know, we have made the difficult decision to remain temporarily closed. We are hopeful that we’ll be reopened before some of our Season Pass holders are driving, haha. But seriously our plan is to reopen early Spring. Virus permitting of course.

Hopefully we will be allowed to offer some type of event(s) during the February school vacation. We will have to wait and see what we are allowed to do under both city and state mandate. Please follow us on our Facebook page for updates on this and everything that is happening at Funstuf Party Place.

Happy New Year everyone, stay safe, stay healthy. And to paraphrase General MacArthur “We Shall Return.”


  • Open Play
  • $15 per jumper
  • 2 hours of play
  • Open Play Hours
  • Check our Hours Page & Facebook for regular updates on open play!
  • Private Parties
  • $250
  • 90-minute party:
  • Maximum of 10 jumpers there are no exceptions
  • Maximum of 10 non-jumpers no exceptions
  • $25 token value for Funcade
  • 40 minutes in the Funcade & Hazmat Arena
  • 20 minutes in War Zone Arena
  • 30 minutes at three picnic tables for food, cake & presents
  • Book Your Party
  • Season Pass
  • Current season pass holders will be extended until January 3rd, 2021

Come bring your indoor birthday party to our Family Entertainment center where toddlers, kids, teenagers, and adults all can have a blast in the arcade and playground. Let us help you bring more FUN to your event and capture some great memories. Remember, at Funstuf Party Place “It’s All About The Party!”

Gift Cards

Please Call: 978-342-5000


Please Call: 978-342-5000
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